“Raw materials form the basis of Europe's economy to ensure jobs and competitiveness, and they are essential for maintaining and improving quality of life.”
(EU methodology for critical raw materials assessment, September 2017)

Subarctic Exploration Group a.s. is privately financed group seated in Czech Republic. The group established or co-established several Junior Exploration Companies that own mineral exploration projects in Greenland. Our main goal is deposit exploration of Au, U, REE (Ta, Nb, Zr, Mo).

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Subarctic Exploration Group a.s.


Greenland Gold

The Subarctic Exploration Group a.s. established a new company Greenland Gold s r.o. focused mainly on Au exploration on the southwest coast of Greenland. Currently the company owns 2 mineral exploration licences in areas of high-potential gold mineralization. The work on the project started in 2017. Information for investors are provided on request.


Subarctic Exploration Group a.s. is the co-founder of CGRG s.r.o. company. CGRG s.r.o. company works in Greenland since 2011 and focused mainly on uranium and REE exploration. The company possess 5 mineral exploration licences, where effective investments were already made.

Partner opportunities

For partners:

The opportunity of investing to individual mineral exploration licences and to share on the profit from the subsequent sale of these licences. (Investment options for individual licences available on request)


Subarctic Exploration Group a.s.
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